Thursday, July 5, 2012


The latest addition to our examination of Sindbad Vail’s POINTS is an expanded  presentation of the contents of the first issue.  The enhanced examination of POINTS 1 includes full text presentations of Alfred Kern’s LA VOCATION DE FRANÇOIS LÉGER, Marcel Bisiaux’s L’HÔTEL – LA FILLE – LE FROID, Gaston Gaoua’s LES METAMORPHOSES DE SÉBASTIEN VELPUCHE, Jacques Brenner’s CRITICAL PRESENTATION and Sindbad Vail’s PRÉSENTATIONS CRITIQUES.  We apologize that the more lengthy stories are presented as scanned pages that have not been converted by OCR and therefore are not searchable.  The enhanced version can be found in the blog archive tab for February 2012. 

The Kern and Bisiaux stories are presented in French and English readers can engage the Google Website Translation Gadget to transform these stories to English (of a sort).  The Gaoua story as noted above has not been converted to OCR readable text and thus will be accessible only to those readers fluent in French. 

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